Monday 20 February 2017

Jaga Trench Heating

Jaga Trench Heating

TrenchStyle recommends Jaga Trench Heating.

Jaga are a Premium Brand Radiator Manufacturer with UK and European bases.
Jaga are renowned for advanced and innovative radiator design, superior materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Their Heat Exchangers have market leading thirty year warrantys including units used in LST Radiators and Trench Heaters.

Jaga refer to their Trench and Perimeter Heating models as Canal Heating, for some reason the terminology for infloor hydronic radiators is not quite as standard as would be helpful in the heating marketplace with terms like subfloor convector also in use, at TrenchStyle we like to use the term Trench Heating!

Jaga Trench Heating is manufactured for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Heating applications. As the heat application is so broad so is the model availability.
As with all heating applications the BTU output is the initial consideration, Jaga Trench Heaters produces heat outputs which maximise available space BTU capability. However the dimmensions of the Trench itself will often dictate the radiator outputs possible. That is why Jaga produce bespoke combined sizing with individual Trench sizes up to 4.9 Metres in length and also numerous width and depth options so you can achieve your output requirements.

Jaga Mini Canal is an ever popular Jaga Perimeter heating model for Homes, Offices and Targetted heating (such as addressing condensation on large windowed areas). The beauty of the mini canal is that the widths which can be as low as 14cm provide discrete heating which blends into the decor without being too obstrucive. This type of infloor Radiator system marks a step change in room design and frees up wall space by not requiring wall mounted heating solutions.

To ensure additional aesthetic choice Jaga provide a number of Trench Heater Grille options, variants include wood, aluminium and steel with roll up and rigid heating grilles available, and to provide further choice Jaga offer varnished and colour options, we at Trenchstyle are confident you will be able to match your decor with a Jaga Trench Heater Grille!

Jaga also offer a DBE or Dynamic Boost Effect option on the Mini Canal DBE, this is a ultra low noise fan which draws air through the heat exchanger and expels it into the room, this fan assisted trench heating provides a significant BTU boost to your trench heater.

The Mini Canal DBE unit fan works on temperature, basically if your central heating cuts in or your thermostic valve opens the fan will start and visa versa.

For Commercial and Industrial Trench Heating Jaga Canal Plus and Jaga Canal Compact fit the bill with their greater depths and widths allowing significant BTU outputs to be generated by these infloor radiators. As with the Mini Canal the Canal Plus and the Canal Compact can be supplied with Jaga DBE Technology (Fan Assist BTU Boost).

Jaga have a number of other models in their Trench Heating Range including Micro Canal, Quatro Canal and Clima Canal. These models are slightly more complex and can provide cooling aswell as heating and may be utilised in more complex building management systems.

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