Friday 25 August 2017

Specifying Trench Heating Room Requirements

Specifying a Trench Heater for Your Room

Trench Heating Radiators can be used as additional heating to complement traditional wall mounted radiator systems, Targetted Heating for instance in front of a large glass wall area or Total Room Heating where Trench Heaters provide all the rooms BTU Heating requirements. So first we need to establish what heating is required within the room, this is a simple proces using an online calcultor, you can try several and they will all generally be within 10% of each other as there are a lot of variable to consider.

  BTU Heating Calculator - Click Here

After Calculation you have your BTU Requirements for your Trench Heating, as a Golden room unless you have a small room (below 4mSQ) then it is worth having 2 heating sources within the room, this allows the room to have a more balanced heat level and avoids having a warm and cold end or localised cool areas. So now we need to decide where to place the Trench Perimeter Heating. Large Windows, Patio Doors, Wall, Steps are all great Locations so decide and see what lengths you have available in your chosen areas. When the Trench Heater approximate Length is required we now need to look at the width, this will impact the BTU output with the wider the unit producing the greater output, however we need to consider room aesthetics and do not want an excessively wide unit if the room is not large. You can check for sizing using a

Trench Heater Product Finder.

To match your decor the trench heater grille is a key element, you need to decide if you want the Trench Heater to complement or contrast. There is a Grille to suite your every requirement, from wood to aluminium, roll up and rigid, laquered and raw. This can be specified at time of order or on the website. As a Guide only here are links to trench heater products and usage roles

  Home Heating 

  Home Heating with Fan Assist 

  Home Heating with Fan Assist and Advanced Controls 

  Large Home, Commercial and Industrial

  Large Home, Commercial and Industrial with Fan Assist

At Trenchstyle we recommend Jaga Trench Heating for several reasons:

 Jaga Trench Products have the Market Leading Heat Exchanger Warranty
 Jaga make your Trench Heater to Order, these are units made using premium matterials.
 Jaga themselves handle the trench heater transport to your property to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition, they will liaise with you reference delivery of your Trench Heaters.

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