Monday 16 January 2017

Conservatory Heating Systems - Trench Heating

Conservatory Heating Systems - Trench Heating

Infloor Radiator Heating Systems for a Conservatory

When building a new conservatory or updating an exiting unit, one of your considerations is likely to be heating.

You will want to achieve a cost effective, efficient, stylish, discrete, functional heating solution.
One option which can achieve these is Trench Heating also known as Perimeter Heating.
In a Trench Heating system a subfloor radiator is fitted and topped with a grille usually made of Aluminium, Steel or Wood.

The most efficient and cost effective feeds for the Trench Heaters is water based either from Central Heating. This is because gas central heating is cheaper per heating unit produced than Electric.
As a rule you would never change from Gas Central Heating to Electric Heating as the running costs are much higher. So if you have Central Heating it makes sense to heat your conservatory with Central Heating Fed Trench Heaters.

Trench Heaters the perfect Conservatory Heating System?

Trench Heating can also be used on ground and airsource heat pumps.

This perimeter heating system is perfect for running alongside glazed facades as it reduces significantly or removes condensation formation as it forms a heat curtain along the length of the window area.

This heat curtain also has the benefit of minimising areas of differing temperature within the conservatory.

The InFloor Radiators can be controlled using valves within the Trench Heating Ductwork with the option of a remote TRV sensing head, so the Perimeter Heating is controlled as per a standard wall radiator. recommends using a local sensing head for thermostatic control of the Trench Heaters. This is like using a Thermostatic Valve on your radiator, a discrete sensing head senses room temperature and functions the TRV in the same way for the Trench Heater.

Jaga are one of the Premier Manufacturers of Trench Heating with advanced materials, construction techniques and warranties. At Trenchstyle we recommend Jaga as their Perimeter Heating is unparalleled in quality.

A number of Trench Heater Manufacturers such as Jaga now offer Fan Boost Technology which increases the BTU output of the Infloor radiator by force ventilating the Heat Emitter, this improved airflow increases the heat exchange and disperses the heat further and faster than standard natural convection.

So if you're looking for cost effective and discrete conservatory heating Trench Heaters are the smart infloor radiator solution.
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