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Trench Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Trench Heating Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to fit a Trench Heater next to a window, does it matter which way I mount the Trench Heater?

Generally No, You will need to consider piping although the majority of manufacturers including Jaga have supply and return at the same end for ease of fitting.
If you're unit is a fan assisted Trench Heater it is recommended you fit the fan side closest to the window, this will allow a full interupted heat curtain to form minimising condensation and cold areas adjacent to the windows.

Can I run several Trench Heaters in Series, IE Pipe one to the next etc?

Trench Style do not recommend running Trench Heaters in series as the heat available to each Trench Heater will reduce as the pipe progresses from Trench Heater 1 to 2 to 3 etc. You can however run them in Parallel as per a traditional 2 pipe radiator system. Your Plumber or Heating Engineer will assist you with this but Trench Heaters are generally fitted the same as standard radiators.
In addition at TrenchStyle we have Trench Radiators with lengths up to 4.9 Meters.

How do I control the Temperature of a Trench Heater?

Trench Heaters are effectively infloor Radiators, we recommend a thermostatic valve set with a remote sensor, this generally comes as a discrete mounted head which senses the room temperature and acts on the thermostic valve opening or closing as per a traditional radiator.

Why would I consider a Trench Heater with Fan Assist?

A Trench Heater with a Fan Assist provides a BTU Heat boost and increases the output possible for the same size unit. The heat will also travel into the room much quicker as the forced draft circulates the air beyond that of a natural convection heat timescale.
Another benefit of the Jaga DBE Fan assist is that the ultra quiet fan comes on and goes off with water temperature IE with your central heating system.

Are Trench Heaters Suitable for Homes?

Yes Trench Heating is perfect for Conservatories, Large windowed areas or anywhere wall mounted Radiators are not desired for aesthetic reasons.

Does Trench Heating work like normal central heating radiators?

Yes the BTU outputs are comparable, hook up is via 2 pipes, control can be by various methods including TRV with discrete in room sensor head.

What kind of Grilles come with Trench Heating?

Grilles can come in numerous materials including Wood, Aluminium and Steel with colour and varnish options. Trench Heating Grilles can also be specified Rigid or Roll Up.

Is Trench Heating with Central Heat Supply cheaper than Electric Heaters?

Central Heat as a rule is cheaper than Electric, Electric has the benefit of the heat being paid for directly at the room it is fitted with minimal losses, however generally if you have central heating you would benefit from ongoing savings in fitting a Centrally heated radiator solution than an Electric system.

Can I specify the Lengths for Trench Heating?

Trench Heating is available in numerous lengths, has lengths of up to 4.9 Meters supplied as single Trench Heaters units (This is due to delivery capability and for handling purposes). However these can be run in lengths as required to suite your needs.

Does Trench Heating have any obvious benefits?

  1. Discrete
  2. Stylish
  3. Perfect for Large windowed areas
  4. Ideal for Conservatories
  5. Requires no wall space
  6. Can be used with existing Central Heating.
  7. Choice of Grille Matterials and Colours
  8. Functional Heating
  9. Can be fitted by Plumber (Fan Assist required Electrical Supply).

How do I level Trench Heating?

Your Builder or Carpenter or Self will have prepared a base and generally the Trench Heating manufacturer provides levelling mechanisms which can allows movement and levelling of around 6cm which will easily allow for any issues with the floor level. The adjustments are straight forward and generally likely to take 10 - 15 minutes to get perfectly level.

Is the Trench Heating casing Insulated?

At we offer options of base insulation or 3 sided 5mm insulation on our Mini Canal products, as standard the trench heaters are not insulated and only generally require insulation if the trench unit is not within a duct or complete trench but is open to an open underfloor etc.

Where can I get further advice on Trench Heating?

Contact Us at Trenchstyle - 0208 720 7062 /

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