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trench heaters with cooling capability

trench heating with cooling capability

trench heating is the perfect solution for room heating but can also be used for area cooling.
however you will need to purchase trench radiator units which are designed as dual purpose heating and cooling trench heater systems.

in standard trench heating heat rises naturally from the trench heater drawing cooler air in and producing a continual circuit and curtain of heat, this is natural convection caused by the phenomenom of heated air rising, basically the heated air expands becomes less dense than the cooler air around it and rises.

with a cooling system air needs to be blown to create the air movement over the cooling coils.
this does have an added benefit in that heat exchange is significantly greater when air is force blown producing a much greater heat exchange whether that be warm water to air or air to chilled water. so that a trench heater with a fan assist will have a much greater btu output than a none fan unit.

a fan assisted system is also more responsive and controllable and in modern day trench heaters the utilsed fans are ultra quiet.

the next design option is whether the units utilse the same circuit for heating and cooling. a 2 pipe system utilises the same systems for heating and cooling, a 4 pipe system utilises seperate systems.

2 pipe system - jaga clima canal
4 pipe system - jaga quatro canal

so you will need to consider the following:
  • how will the flow of water both heating and chilled be controlled? home automation system with manifold, building management system?
  • how will power be supplied to the trench fans and how are they controlled?

don't forget condensation, a cooling system depending on evironment will likely accumulate condensate, dual heating and cooling trench heaters will incorporate a drain pan and with associated facility for drain pipework connection as needed.

Buy trench heaters with cooling and heating such as the jaga clima canal and jaga quatro canal at

Monday 9 October 2017

Trench Heating Radiators for Discrete Home and Commercial Heating

Trench Heaters - Advanced Discrete Heating System

Trench Heating is basically an in floor radiator system, cool air enters one side of the Trench Heater and warm air exits the other side. Generally the airflow is facilitated by the rise of warm air creating a lower pressure and drawing in the cooler air. Although some systems also incorporate ultra quiet BTU boosting fan assist units.

The Trench Heater will provide a heat curtain and as such these radiators which are also known as canal or perimeter heating are perfect adjacent to glazed facades or patio door, areas where condensation or cool areas can exist.
Trench Heater Radiators work in the same way as wall mounted radiators with central heating water passing through which is controlled by manual or thermostatic valves or zone control systems. Generally thermostats are best mounted remote from the Trench Heaters to avoid localised impact from the heater itself.

Trench Heating can also be used with heat pumps although it is recommended that Fan Assist is used to increase the BTU outputs.

Trench Heating can be used as whole room heating, supplementary heating or targeted area heating, it is extremely flexible in it application and can make your room more minimalistic while maintaining its warmth and functionality.

There are a number of Trench Heating Manufacturers in the UK and Europe but with only a few offering extended warranty on the heat exchanger which is a critical part of this central heating system.

Jaga Heating offer a thirty year Warranty on their Copper and Aluminium Heat Exchangers, which is market leading, however you will pay a premium for Jaga Trench Heating quality as these are made to order generally with a 4 week lead time. are a central UK seller of Jaga Trench Heating and can assist with your home design specifications are heating requirements.
Trench Heating outputs will generally depend on the space within the trench heater body, so effectively the longer, wider and deeper your home, office etc can accept the greater the output can be BTU produced. With the only variation being the fan assist which can improve heat outputs by 20 - 50%.

To complement your decor Premium Manufacturers such as Jaga provide a multitude of options in respect to Grille Type and Material, wood both varnished and natural are a popular Trench heating Grille option as is Natural Aluminium, Stainless steel is generally a more expensive option but looks fantastic. Grilles come in two levels of flexibility Rigid and Roll Up, rigid trench heater grilles lift off in a single, joined or separate solid pieces and generally there is no movement under foot, roll up are easier to remove for cleaning and trench heater maintenance. To increase your options colours of grille can also be specified to most Ral colours. Sometimes the choice is whether to contrast or complement the grilles with your existing decor or flooring which is generally a personal choice.
In summary for a Home addition of Trench Heating I would consider the following:

BTU Heat output Required - When calculated we need to decide how this can be achieved, one or more Trench heaters? Generally a larger room can achieve a more balanced heating gradiant if two or more heating sources are used in opposing areas. Remember Depth is out of site, the deeper generally the greater the BTU you can achieve, you would generally have an approximate length available so Trench Heater width then becomes important, personally for a home installation which forms part of a walking path such as Bifold Doors, Patio Doors, Doorway, Steps etc I would suggest up to a 26cm width would be appropriate, if not in a walkway up to 42cm would be appropriate eg against a wall. Also remember you can increase your heating output for the same size unit by 20-40% minimum by adding a Fan Assist BTU Boost.

DESIGN - What do I want my decor to look like, is the Trench Heating to be a hidden unit in which case you would blend the grille material and colour with the existing floor, perhaps looking to place in a non walking path. Am I happy to retain my wall space and showcase my innovative heating system then select a Grille which contrasts and forms a floor based feature of heating functionality.

Friday 25 August 2017

Specifying Trench Heating Room Requirements

Specifying a Trench Heater for Your Room

Trench Heating Radiators can be used as additional heating to complement traditional wall mounted radiator systems, Targetted Heating for instance in front of a large glass wall area or Total Room Heating where Trench Heaters provide all the rooms BTU Heating requirements. So first we need to establish what heating is required within the room, this is a simple proces using an online calcultor, you can try several and they will all generally be within 10% of each other as there are a lot of variable to consider.

  BTU Heating Calculator - Click Here

After Calculation you have your BTU Requirements for your Trench Heating, as a Golden room unless you have a small room (below 4mSQ) then it is worth having 2 heating sources within the room, this allows the room to have a more balanced heat level and avoids having a warm and cold end or localised cool areas. So now we need to decide where to place the Trench Perimeter Heating. Large Windows, Patio Doors, Wall, Steps are all great Locations so decide and see what lengths you have available in your chosen areas. When the Trench Heater approximate Length is required we now need to look at the width, this will impact the BTU output with the wider the unit producing the greater output, however we need to consider room aesthetics and do not want an excessively wide unit if the room is not large. You can check for sizing using a

Trench Heater Product Finder.

To match your decor the trench heater grille is a key element, you need to decide if you want the Trench Heater to complement or contrast. There is a Grille to suite your every requirement, from wood to aluminium, roll up and rigid, laquered and raw. This can be specified at time of order or on the website. As a Guide only here are links to trench heater products and usage roles

  Home Heating 

  Home Heating with Fan Assist 

  Home Heating with Fan Assist and Advanced Controls 

  Large Home, Commercial and Industrial

  Large Home, Commercial and Industrial with Fan Assist

At Trenchstyle we recommend Jaga Trench Heating for several reasons:

 Jaga Trench Products have the Market Leading Heat Exchanger Warranty
 Jaga make your Trench Heater to Order, these are units made using premium matterials.
 Jaga themselves handle the trench heater transport to your property to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition, they will liaise with you reference delivery of your Trench Heaters.

  Buy Trench Heaters online today

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Jaga Trench Heating

Jaga Trench Heating

TrenchStyle recommends Jaga Trench Heating.

Jaga are a Premium Brand Radiator Manufacturer with UK and European bases.
Jaga are renowned for advanced and innovative radiator design, superior materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Their Heat Exchangers have market leading thirty year warrantys including units used in LST Radiators and Trench Heaters.

Jaga refer to their Trench and Perimeter Heating models as Canal Heating, for some reason the terminology for infloor hydronic radiators is not quite as standard as would be helpful in the heating marketplace with terms like subfloor convector also in use, at TrenchStyle we like to use the term Trench Heating!

Jaga Trench Heating is manufactured for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Heating applications. As the heat application is so broad so is the model availability.
As with all heating applications the BTU output is the initial consideration, Jaga Trench Heaters produces heat outputs which maximise available space BTU capability. However the dimmensions of the Trench itself will often dictate the radiator outputs possible. That is why Jaga produce bespoke combined sizing with individual Trench sizes up to 4.9 Metres in length and also numerous width and depth options so you can achieve your output requirements.

Jaga Mini Canal is an ever popular Jaga Perimeter heating model for Homes, Offices and Targetted heating (such as addressing condensation on large windowed areas). The beauty of the mini canal is that the widths which can be as low as 14cm provide discrete heating which blends into the decor without being too obstrucive. This type of infloor Radiator system marks a step change in room design and frees up wall space by not requiring wall mounted heating solutions.

To ensure additional aesthetic choice Jaga provide a number of Trench Heater Grille options, variants include wood, aluminium and steel with roll up and rigid heating grilles available, and to provide further choice Jaga offer varnished and colour options, we at Trenchstyle are confident you will be able to match your decor with a Jaga Trench Heater Grille!

Jaga also offer a DBE or Dynamic Boost Effect option on the Mini Canal DBE, this is a ultra low noise fan which draws air through the heat exchanger and expels it into the room, this fan assisted trench heating provides a significant BTU boost to your trench heater.

The Mini Canal DBE unit fan works on temperature, basically if your central heating cuts in or your thermostic valve opens the fan will start and visa versa.

For Commercial and Industrial Trench Heating Jaga Canal Plus and Jaga Canal Compact fit the bill with their greater depths and widths allowing significant BTU outputs to be generated by these infloor radiators. As with the Mini Canal the Canal Plus and the Canal Compact can be supplied with Jaga DBE Technology (Fan Assist BTU Boost).

Jaga have a number of other models in their Trench Heating Range including Micro Canal, Quatro Canal and Clima Canal. These models are slightly more complex and can provide cooling aswell as heating and may be utilised in more complex building management systems.

Contact Trenchstyle for the information on the Full Range of Jaga Trench Heater Solutions!

Or have a look at or Call Free Phone 0208 720 7062

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Trench Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Trench Heating Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to fit a Trench Heater next to a window, does it matter which way I mount the Trench Heater?

Generally No, You will need to consider piping although the majority of manufacturers including Jaga have supply and return at the same end for ease of fitting.
If you're unit is a fan assisted Trench Heater it is recommended you fit the fan side closest to the window, this will allow a full interupted heat curtain to form minimising condensation and cold areas adjacent to the windows.

Can I run several Trench Heaters in Series, IE Pipe one to the next etc?

Trench Style do not recommend running Trench Heaters in series as the heat available to each Trench Heater will reduce as the pipe progresses from Trench Heater 1 to 2 to 3 etc. You can however run them in Parallel as per a traditional 2 pipe radiator system. Your Plumber or Heating Engineer will assist you with this but Trench Heaters are generally fitted the same as standard radiators.
In addition at TrenchStyle we have Trench Radiators with lengths up to 4.9 Meters.

How do I control the Temperature of a Trench Heater?

Trench Heaters are effectively infloor Radiators, we recommend a thermostatic valve set with a remote sensor, this generally comes as a discrete mounted head which senses the room temperature and acts on the thermostic valve opening or closing as per a traditional radiator.

Why would I consider a Trench Heater with Fan Assist?

A Trench Heater with a Fan Assist provides a BTU Heat boost and increases the output possible for the same size unit. The heat will also travel into the room much quicker as the forced draft circulates the air beyond that of a natural convection heat timescale.
Another benefit of the Jaga DBE Fan assist is that the ultra quiet fan comes on and goes off with water temperature IE with your central heating system.

Are Trench Heaters Suitable for Homes?

Yes Trench Heating is perfect for Conservatories, Large windowed areas or anywhere wall mounted Radiators are not desired for aesthetic reasons.

Does Trench Heating work like normal central heating radiators?

Yes the BTU outputs are comparable, hook up is via 2 pipes, control can be by various methods including TRV with discrete in room sensor head.

What kind of Grilles come with Trench Heating?

Grilles can come in numerous materials including Wood, Aluminium and Steel with colour and varnish options. Trench Heating Grilles can also be specified Rigid or Roll Up.

Is Trench Heating with Central Heat Supply cheaper than Electric Heaters?

Central Heat as a rule is cheaper than Electric, Electric has the benefit of the heat being paid for directly at the room it is fitted with minimal losses, however generally if you have central heating you would benefit from ongoing savings in fitting a Centrally heated radiator solution than an Electric system.

Can I specify the Lengths for Trench Heating?

Trench Heating is available in numerous lengths, has lengths of up to 4.9 Meters supplied as single Trench Heaters units (This is due to delivery capability and for handling purposes). However these can be run in lengths as required to suite your needs.

Does Trench Heating have any obvious benefits?

  1. Discrete
  2. Stylish
  3. Perfect for Large windowed areas
  4. Ideal for Conservatories
  5. Requires no wall space
  6. Can be used with existing Central Heating.
  7. Choice of Grille Matterials and Colours
  8. Functional Heating
  9. Can be fitted by Plumber (Fan Assist required Electrical Supply).

How do I level Trench Heating?

Your Builder or Carpenter or Self will have prepared a base and generally the Trench Heating manufacturer provides levelling mechanisms which can allows movement and levelling of around 6cm which will easily allow for any issues with the floor level. The adjustments are straight forward and generally likely to take 10 - 15 minutes to get perfectly level.

Is the Trench Heating casing Insulated?

At we offer options of base insulation or 3 sided 5mm insulation on our Mini Canal products, as standard the trench heaters are not insulated and only generally require insulation if the trench unit is not within a duct or complete trench but is open to an open underfloor etc.

Where can I get further advice on Trench Heating?

Contact Us at Trenchstyle - 0208 720 7062 /

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Conservatory Heating Systems - Trench Heating

Conservatory Heating Systems - Trench Heating

Infloor Radiator Heating Systems for a Conservatory

When building a new conservatory or updating an exiting unit, one of your considerations is likely to be heating.

You will want to achieve a cost effective, efficient, stylish, discrete, functional heating solution.
One option which can achieve these is Trench Heating also known as Perimeter Heating.
In a Trench Heating system a subfloor radiator is fitted and topped with a grille usually made of Aluminium, Steel or Wood.

The most efficient and cost effective feeds for the Trench Heaters is water based either from Central Heating. This is because gas central heating is cheaper per heating unit produced than Electric.
As a rule you would never change from Gas Central Heating to Electric Heating as the running costs are much higher. So if you have Central Heating it makes sense to heat your conservatory with Central Heating Fed Trench Heaters.

Trench Heaters the perfect Conservatory Heating System?

Trench Heating can also be used on ground and airsource heat pumps.

This perimeter heating system is perfect for running alongside glazed facades as it reduces significantly or removes condensation formation as it forms a heat curtain along the length of the window area.

This heat curtain also has the benefit of minimising areas of differing temperature within the conservatory.

The InFloor Radiators can be controlled using valves within the Trench Heating Ductwork with the option of a remote TRV sensing head, so the Perimeter Heating is controlled as per a standard wall radiator. recommends using a local sensing head for thermostatic control of the Trench Heaters. This is like using a Thermostatic Valve on your radiator, a discrete sensing head senses room temperature and functions the TRV in the same way for the Trench Heater.

Jaga are one of the Premier Manufacturers of Trench Heating with advanced materials, construction techniques and warranties. At Trenchstyle we recommend Jaga as their Perimeter Heating is unparalleled in quality.

A number of Trench Heater Manufacturers such as Jaga now offer Fan Boost Technology which increases the BTU output of the Infloor radiator by force ventilating the Heat Emitter, this improved airflow increases the heat exchange and disperses the heat further and faster than standard natural convection.

So if you're looking for cost effective and discrete conservatory heating Trench Heaters are the smart infloor radiator solution.
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