Saturday 18 November 2017

trench heaters with cooling capability

trench heating with cooling capability

trench heating is the perfect solution for room heating but can also be used for area cooling.
however you will need to purchase trench radiator units which are designed as dual purpose heating and cooling trench heater systems.

in standard trench heating heat rises naturally from the trench heater drawing cooler air in and producing a continual circuit and curtain of heat, this is natural convection caused by the phenomenom of heated air rising, basically the heated air expands becomes less dense than the cooler air around it and rises.

with a cooling system air needs to be blown to create the air movement over the cooling coils.
this does have an added benefit in that heat exchange is significantly greater when air is force blown producing a much greater heat exchange whether that be warm water to air or air to chilled water. so that a trench heater with a fan assist will have a much greater btu output than a none fan unit.

a fan assisted system is also more responsive and controllable and in modern day trench heaters the utilsed fans are ultra quiet.

the next design option is whether the units utilse the same circuit for heating and cooling. a 2 pipe system utilises the same systems for heating and cooling, a 4 pipe system utilises seperate systems.

2 pipe system - jaga clima canal
4 pipe system - jaga quatro canal

so you will need to consider the following:
  • how will the flow of water both heating and chilled be controlled? home automation system with manifold, building management system?
  • how will power be supplied to the trench fans and how are they controlled?

don't forget condensation, a cooling system depending on evironment will likely accumulate condensate, dual heating and cooling trench heaters will incorporate a drain pan and with associated facility for drain pipework connection as needed.

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