Sunday 15 April 2018

Trench Heating Grille Selection

Choosing a Grille for your Trench Heater

Rigid or Roll Up Trench Grilles

Grilles which are rigid will generally have the main viewable grille running along the full length of the trench body (ie parallel with the long sides), due to the roll up grilles nature the grille needs to have grilles whose bars run perpendicuar to the trench heaters length. Rigid Grilles generally come in a single or 2 pieces and due to their construction are extremely firm and solid under foot when in place. The roll up trench heating grilles are simpler to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Wood Grilles for Trench Heating

Aluminium is stylish with a soft metallic aesthetic, Stainless Steel is brighter and Wood is available in Oak, Merbau or Beech. All three types are available in rigid or roll up.

Natural, Laquered or Varnished Trench Heater Grilles

Aluminium comes in natural or you can add a glossy laquered finish with multiple RAL colour options available. Wood is available in natural or for durability of finish depending on use can be varnish treated.

So whether you are looking to complement or contrast your trench heating with your decor or flooring we at have a Trench heater and Grille for you.

Designer Grilles are also available - contact us for pricing!

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